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SUV Driver Killed After Being Struck by Stolen Box Truck in Queens

Queens, NY - According to police investigation, a 25-year-old Brooklyn man, driving an SUV around Metropolitan Avenue, was killed in a violent crash in Middle Village, Queens at around 1:15 in the afternoon of June 30. The tragic...

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The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration has found that 33% of all construction fatalities are from falls and another 22% are from being struck by an object. These hazards can be prevented and guarded against under New York State’s Scaffold Law.

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Deposition FAQs

What is an examination before trial?

An examination before trial is also called an EBT or a deposition. It is a legal proceeding where both sides answer questions about their lawsuit under oath in front of a court reporter and lawyers. A transcript of the proceeding is made incl...

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Multiple People Injured Following a Two-Car Crash in Brightwaters

Brightwaters, NY - According to Suffolk Police, five people were injured, including one seriously hurt, in a two-car crash that occurred near South Bay Avenue, Brightwaters at approximately 6:15 p.m. of June 28. This horrific acci...

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Pedestrian Dead in Car Crash in Selden, New York

Selden, NY - Investigators say a 41-year-old pedestrian walking in the roadway on Route 25, west of Highview Drive, was struck by a 19-year-old male driver of a 2004 Jeep at about 11:35 in the evening of June 24. The doctors at Stony Brook Univers...

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60-Year-Old Man Dies in Three-Vehicle Crash in I-84

Danbury, NY - Police authorities investigate a fatal three-vehicle crash that involved a collision among a U-Haul truck, a Mercedes Sprinter van, and a Toyota Sienna on Interstate-84 in the Town of Newburgh, New York on June the 23rd. Prelimina...

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Long Island Crash Claims Life of Queens Motorcyclist

Long Island, NY - Police investigation reports a tragic crash involving a 31-year-old Queens man driving a 2014 Yamaha motorcycle, who lost control of his bike near 58th Street on Long Island Expressway and rear-ended a 2013 Porsche Cayenne wi...

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Drunk Driver Critically Injures Woman Delivering COVID-19 Aid in Queens

Queens, NY - A 36-year-old coordinator of an organization for delivering food to people impacted by COVID-19, was critically injured after a drunken driver struck her on Northern Boulevard near the intersection of 110th Stre...

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9 months ago
I had a very unfortunate accident and thankfully was assisted through this entire process and made to feel like I was in good hands. Experienced lawyers that gave me confidence in my case and that justice would be served. Thank you Johnathan and team.
- Don H
8 months ago
Had a car accident case with a different firm, medium size policy, big injury(back surgery). The prior firm was doing nothing to settle it even after it hit over a year old. I switched over to Silberstein Awad and Miklos. They were able to have it settled very quickly and for the full policy. The attorney was attentive and on top of it. I would highly recommend.
- Stephanie S
10 months ago
Great team with Dan & Jonathan. Helped with my case and couldn’t be more pleased. I would recommend.
- KeepFit B

New York City Personal Injury Lawyer

Construction accidents sometimes happen and even the most diligent of companies are affected.  Some may happen because of negligence while others due to unavoidable circumstances. There are a series of events that lead to the accident. There are thousands of construction sites and hundreds of thousands of workers in the U.S. alone. As a result, there will be a couple of construction accidents involved. Here are some of the common construction accidents and how you can prevent them from happening.  


This is by far the leading cause of construction accident deaths. In 2016 alone, there were more than 166 fatalities. Not every construction site will have proper fall protection in site. If you feel the construction accident was a result of negligence from the employer, you can always reach out Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. Our team of specialized attorneys will ensure you get everything you’d expect in a Construction Injury Lawyer New York City NY. Construction workers are at a big risk of being involved in accidents if there is poor scaffolding safety. 

It is the duty of employers to protect the workers from fall-related accidents. They can do so by investing in fall protection equipment and gear. The employer should ensure that the toe rails are added around the open platforms. There should also be installed handrails to provide an extra layer of safety. They should also ensure that those people working on the construction site have all the necessary protective gear.  


This is also one of the major dangers that could be found in a construction site. Usually, it is caused by negligence by both the employers and employees. In order to address the problem, both parties have to make sure that the work environment is safe from the common slip and trip causes. It could be caused by holes, slippery or uneven surfaces, and even equipment. The slips can still occur even when there is proper training on safety. Potential slip areas need to be properly labeled with signs and posters. Workers should also be encouraged to stay alert and vigilant on the job so as prevent to help reduce the risks that come with slips and trips.  


Electrocution is a big problem in construction sites and it is no surprise that it is on the top four leading cause of death in the construction workplace. There were 86 reported deaths in 2016 that occurred as a result of electrocution. This accounts for almost 8% of all workplace deaths. That is why you should never take it lightly when the electrocution is as a result of the employer’s negligence. It could be because there are no proper safety measures in place. That is why you need to look for the best Personal Injury Lawyer New York City, NY and Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C will make sure you get the best legal representation.  

The number has been historically been higher in the previous years and electrocution still remains a big threat in the construction workplace. The causes may vary but such accidents can always be prevented by taking the proper safety measures. Construction workers need to be made aware that wearing PPE is a necessity as it will mitigate the risks of electrocution.  

Struck by an object  

No matter how many safety measures you’ve put in place, there are some accidents that can be unavoidable. There were over 100 deaths in 2016 caused by objects striking workers on the construction site. This is accounts for more than 10% of the deaths in the workplace. The objects could be caused by flying debris, loosely suspended loads, rolling or swinging loads, or objects dropping from higher ground. These scenarios can catch a construction worker off-guard. They don’t always have time to react and the majority of them will never know what hit them.  

There are some measures that can be put in place to prevent such an accident from happening. At the very basic, the construction worker should be equipped with all the necessary gear. The power tools should be secured during and after they have been used. As a construction worker, you should never stand under a suspended load. Also, make sure you’re visible at any given time when working on the construction site to ensure that machine operators know where you are. 

Getting Crushed 

This is also known as “caught in between” and is one of the leading causing of fatalities in a construction site. This kind of accident was responsible for 76 deaths in 2016. Unguarded machines and construction equipment rollovers can contribute to such kinds of accidents. Such accidents can be prevented by ensuring that pieces of equipment are not left unattended. Only those who are authorized to operate the machines should be allowed to use them.  

The workers also need to be familiarized of the common crash points and types so that they get to avoid the predicament. There should be proper logout or tagout procedures put in place to ensure that there are no surprise startups for the different parties involved. Loose clothing and jewelry can easily get caught up with the machines.  

Accidents are preventable  

Most of the mentioned types of accidents can easily be prevented. A big number of accidents are caused by negligence on the part of employers. When a worker is injured, it does not only affect their family but also the company as a whole. Construction companies should take every precaution by creating awareness and training on the different aspects of safety. They should also instill a safety culture among the employees.  

If you feel that the employer is responsible for the accident, you should reach out to a personal injury lawyer to ensure you get the justice that you deserve. Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. conviently located just ten minutes from the New York County Supreme Court; has the best lawyers in New York City and are conversant with dealing with construction injury cases.  As a worker, you should identify high potential accident areas on the site so that safety is observed at all times.  

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